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Sounds of Brass is a dedicated Radio Programme for Brass Bands! Exclusive to CRMK On Line Radio for Milton Keynes. Great Music plus News, Events & Vacancies Live Wednesdays 12-2pm. UK time.

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Live Every Wednesday 12-2pm UK Time 

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The Team

Chris Johnston

Presenter & Producer

Very experienced Brass Musician! semi retired Euphonium player and Musical Director. Bringing you the Best Of Brass Band Music! my web site

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Rob Tompkins

News Presenter

Rob Tompkins MD of Abbey Brass presents our weekly news updates from the World of Brass Bands, Plus Events, vacancies! Send your news to us to get featured!

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Sounds of Brass is a dedicated Radio programme for Brass Bands

Music, news, Events included in our weekly Live 2 Hour Broadcast!
Live show Every Wednesday 12-2pm UK time

All our programmes are recorded Live and available to 
listen again here at your leisure!

To get your Brass Band featured on Sounds Of Brass just send us your CD & we will do the rest!

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Great Brass Band Music

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Musical Directors Available Contact us to get listed

David W Ashworth

Musical Director

Conductor, Band Trainer, Arranger, AoBBA Executive Member and Professional Freelance Conductor.

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Geraint Barnes

Musical Director

Conductor, Musician based in South Wales

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Christopher Leon Johnston

Musical Director

Freelance Conductor! available for Brass band Training/Concerts etc & Presenter of Sounds Of Brass

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Jane LLoyd

Musical Director

MA Music Education (Boston University) FVCM Dissertation on Brass History LGSM Brass Teaching

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Michael Pilley

Musical Director

Conductor, composer and arranger, trombonist, engraver and publisher.

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Richard Wallace

Musical Director

Over my two decades as a teacher, I have directed a variety of ensembles including orchestras', choirs, Wind bands and brass groups as well as show bands.

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Andy Wareham

Musical Director

Andy Wareham (B.1994) is an up-and-coming conductor, composer and musician based in Cardiff and the South of England.

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A recent comment on Boarshurst Silver Band show from Australia "It should be number one with the program and the quality of the playing by the Boarshurst Silver band...most enjoyable I'm very impressed...""

Norman CharlesAustralia

A well presented radio show and even if Brass is not your thing there's always something there to remind you !"


Superb Music and I can stream via the computer whilst I am working. Plus I can use mix-cloud to let my elderly mum listen to the feed over and over again. I also love the fact the initial broadcast is repeated several times over the following days and at different times of day which gives people a great chance of catching it at some point. What a fantastic way of sharing brass band music!"

Greta Brownridge

I thoroughly enjoy listening to Sounds of Brass every morning while I read the newspaper and work the crossword puzzles. Actually, anytime I'm at the computer, I have it playing in the background. Thank you. Linda Taylor, Eb Bass, Golden State British Brass Band, in California” Thank you"

Linda Taylor

I thoroughly enjoyed the Clifton and Lightcliffe Bands. John and Jane Clay work tirelessly to make the bands a success. Thank you"

Linda & Norm TaylorGolden State British Brass Band California

Glad I've discovered this show, keep up the good work!"

Adam Lacey

As a listener in the US, it's very exciting to get to hear these great brass bands. I am thoroughly enjoying listening to these programs."

Ray Brasswell

As a brass player and a big 'Brass Band' fan, I very much look forward to listening in to Sounds of Brass whenever I can. Chris, you and your team are doing a great job - thank you."

Mary Goodland

Excellent show by the way, much needed after the demise of Radio 2, listen to the band. I also play with Canterbury and Maidstone Salvation Army bands and your programme introducing the John Larsson CD was great and informative. I already had the CD."

Duncan LatterSnowdon Colliery band


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Ian HillsB#Brass

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KMJ RecordingsKMJ Recordings

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Flowers BandFlowers Band

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Peter RatnikPeter Ratnik
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