Amsterdam Staff Band

The Amsterdam Staff Band is the premier brass band of the Salvation Army in the Netherlands. All bandsmen and women are actively involved in their local Salvation Army Corps (church), many holding leadership positions.

  • Date: 23-09-2020 12:00 PM - 23-09-2020 02:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event


The Amsterdam Staff Band of the Salvation Army in the Netherlands.
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Track listing
Jubilee Overture (Philip Sparke)
Jesus came! (Howard Davies)
Sounds of Singing (Leslie Condon), Cornet soloist: Steef Klepke Jr
That Will be Glory (Darren Shaw)
Just as Thou art (Ian Clarke)
Copenhagen Temple (Olaf Ritman)
Donegal Bay (Paul Lovatt-Cooper), Baritone soloist: Jorijn van Hese
Escape Velocity (Martin Cordner)
Guardian of my soul (Darren Shaw)
The Cantonian (Ian Clarke)
La Califfa (arr. Stuart Pullin), Cornet soloist: Daniël Rosenquist
Faith is the Victory (Sam Creamer)
A God to glorify (Stephen Ponsford)
Tu es Petrus (arr. Olaf Ritman)
The Long Cloud of Witnessess (Kenneth Downie)
Saints of God (James Curnow)
Love Divine - Stainer (Brian Bowen)
Aspects of Life (Don Lusher)* Solist: Don Lusher (trombone)
Gowans and Larsson (William Broughton)
Londonderry Air (Traditional, arr.: Bill Geldard)* Solist: Don Lusher (trombone)
Stardust (Traditional, arr.: Bill Geldard)* Solist: Don Lusher (trombone)
Toccata from Suite Gotique opus 25 (arr.: Wim Kruyt)
Shine Down (arr.: Andrew Blyth)